Plan.D Agile business cards

Plan.D – Business cards for sustainable success

Plan.D Agile business cards

Plan.D is unlike any other planning-up guide, it’s a progressive, customisable and easy to use deck of cards. Plan.D consists of various topics and questions designed to take you through every aspect of a successful startup journey. Not only will Plan.D assist you in developing your business but will increase your ability to think laterally and problem solve complex start-up issues. Plan.D is perfect for any individual or business.

Plan.D Agile business cards

Plan.D’s goal is to help you build a successful startup or rethink an existing business. These new Agile Business cards will challenge you to think differently, critically, and creatively.

Plan.D Agile business cards
Abbie is your guide through the process.

Plan.D was developed by brother and sister duo Sam and Lucy Gilfedder. Plan.D was first realised whilst Lucy was undergoing the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at The University of Technology Sydney. By collaborating with various professionals and cross-analysing leading start-up guides, Plan.D was gradually developed as a more user-friendly startup guide that uses progressive ideologies, an easy to use deck of cards.

Plan.D Agile business cards

Plan.D is licensed under Creative Commons, meaning they can be downloaded for free for those who cannot afford them! This approach is to make Plan.D available to everyone. Designed and manufactured in Australia the cards are 100% recyclable.

Plan.D Agile business cards

For more information about Plan.D Agile Cards, visit their website.

TEDx Countdown is back in 2021

Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. 

The goal is to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in order to achieve a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone. Starting on October 30, TEDx Countdown events will begin taking place all around the world. Anyone, anywhere can sign up to host their own TEDx event of any size and format. You can host a watch party featuring Countdown talks, or curate a combination of Countdown talks along with your own original talks.

Hosting a Countdown event is a great way to showcase the best solutions, innovations or campaigns from your community. Click here for more information about how to join the TEDx Countdown event.

Here are some snippets from TEDx Youth at Munchen. Lisa Neubauer is a climate activist, author and leader of the “Fridays For Future” school strike movement. With Greta Thunberg, Neubauer helped initiate “Fridays For Future,” the momentous international school strike movement that protests the lack of action on the climate crisis. She shares four first steps that anyone, regardless of age, can take to become a climate activist.

“I dream of a world where geography classes teach about the climate crisis as this one great challenge that was won by people like you and me,” says climate activist and Youth Council member Luisa Neubauer. She shares four steps that anyone, regardless of age, can take to become a climate activist. “This is not a job for a single generation. This is a job for humanity.”

Meeting new clients at APPA Expo

Our team exhibited at the recent APPA (Australasian Promotional Products Association) Promotional Products show at the Holden Pavilion in Sydney. It was our first time at the EXPO, and we had a great time explaining what we do to potential clients and show them our latest products, collaboration and gift ideas. We were pleased to find that customers were looking for products made in Australia that included stories about the material and the people who made them.

At our booth, we set up a monogramming machine and monogrammed cardholders as a free service for the attendee. This allowed us to get to know the customers more and it was great fun as it gave us lots to talk about.

We design and make bespoke items and carry stock that can be personalised with logos and monogramming. We can also add personal notes, packaging and create custom made products by adding company colours to a range of products; for example, journals with a range of coloured elastic closures. For more information about custom made products, visit our corporate gallery to see examples of our work.

Australian made recycled leather journals

Our NEW Australian Made Recycled Leather Journal

Challenged by climate issues and the need to support local business. Corban & Blair have returned to their roots making more products locally.

We are proud of our new A5 Australian Made Recycled Leather Journal crafted from recycled leather, combining 60% genuine leather fibres from the European shoe and handbag industry, 20% natural latex, 10% natural fat, 10% misc/raw material with tanning agents and water.

The refillable pad is made from 100% de-inked recycled post-consumer waste collected from offices throughout Australia, it is carbon neutral and made in the Maryvale Mill, in Victoria.

Journals come in 3 colours red, black and navy and soon tan.

Other items in the collection to be launched are binders, albums, card holders, travel wallets and A4 Journals. Bespoke, custom made items can also be made from this leather. Please contact us for any questions you made have on this collection.

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle, Recycle

Challenged by climate issues and the need to support local business, Corban & Blair have returned to their roots making more products locally.

Since 1988, Corban & Blair has created unique collections upcycling, recycling and reusing material to minimise waste, combining design and environmental consideration to our business practice. We are passionate about what we design and are consistently searching for new ideas and concepts to add value and meaning.

This month our window display features our work from past and present, the designs we made from recycled materials in support of climate action.


Australian Made Recycled Leather Range

These products are made from quality bonded recycled leather, combining 60% genuine leather fibres from the European shoe and handbag industry, 20% natural latex, 10% natural fat, 10% misc/raw material with tanning agents and water. It can be recycled safely.

The refillable pad for the journals are made from 100% de-inked recycled post-consumer waste collected from offices throughout Australia, it is carbon neutral and made in the Maryvale Mill, in Victoria.


New Life Products, Studio A Collaboration


Corban & Blair are delighted to collaborate with and feature the artistic talent of Studio A artists. Individual pieces have been created by the Studio A team from products that Corban & Blair wanted to give a new life, to create authenticity, inspiration and a new narrative to extend a products life or create a completely new cultural artefact.


Studio A is a supported art studio, based in Sydney that nurtures the talents of very clever artists living with an intellectual disability. Revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program.


Artifact Framed Block Collection


This collection has come about in the wake of our warehouse relocation the week before the Covid-19 lockdown. Part of the move included a 2.5m high metal shelving unit with 200 shelves which stores thousands of metal blocks. This is over 30 years of history!


Some of the blocks are very intricate and beautiful in their raw state, worthy of being framed. The blocks were used to imprint the image onto handmade folders or menus. These are unique one-off pieces from the Corban & Blair Artifact Collection.


All Corban & Blair frames are carbon neutral – plantation pine, grown and manufactured in New Zealand. The funds raised go to land regeneration.


Raw Couture, Upcycled Handbag Collection

What do you do with your unwanted clothes? Artist Keiko Kimura strips them, weaves them into a piece of textile and turns them into bags. Keiko uses everyday material such as used clothes and hardware then applies DIY manufacturing techniques to create new wearable objects.


Retro Collection 2008

These products were made in 2008 from items collected over the years. The computer circuit boards, floppy disks, old maps and comic books were given a brand new life as notebooks.


Our commitment

We are committed to reducing packaging waste by recycling, reusing and keeping packaging materials going around in the distribution system. This is our attempt at the circular economy. This means our boxes are 2nd or 3rd hand. They have been many places, along with newspapers, packaging and the shredded magazines we use.

We are members of the Environment Support and Advocacy Group (ESAG). A group set up by Carolyn Loton & Stephen Moir. Involved are professionals invested in learning, networking and taking action for climate change. The purpose of this group is to explore ways in which they can leverage our different roles and extensive networks to influence positive climate action.

We also support the work of Inner West Community Energy who take solar to homes and businesses. They are organising the installation of solar on our business premises.

Sydney-based printmaker Maggie Stain

Maggie Stein is a Sydney-based printmaker and art educator, specialising in lino printing.

She has carved out a successful teaching career as an art educator within primary, secondary and tertiary educational sectors. In addition, she currently runs private lino printing classes whilst cultivating her artistic practice in her space at “Little Majestic”, Marrickville.

Maggie draws inspiration from the intricate architectural details and aged surfaces of inner-city structures. “My earliest memories are looking up into the intricate patterns on the ceiling of our family home, the ability to get lost in pattern has stayed with me all my life and provided me with creative nourishment and a world to escape to.” She has been recognised for her linoprint depictions of inner west Sydney and continues to create images based around Australian natural and built environments.

A selection of Maggies work is now on display in the Corban & Blair window gallery.

Temple & Webster feature – Australian brands we love: Corban & Blair

We were delighted to be featured in Temple & Webster’s first Homegrown episode. Below is an excerpt of the blog.

Meet the creators of product design company Corban & Blair, a company dedicated to creating beautiful products that have heart. Their products are made to last and make for incredibly personal gifts, but what’s more, Corban & Blair is built on uplifting communities and the beauty of Australia.

Who are Corban & Blair

Cousins and co-founders, Gillian and Amanda are the creative duo behind Corban & Blair. In 1983, designer stationery was a market that was saturated with imported products that didn’t represent the beauty of Australia. There was a niche for more contemporary design and Gillian and Amanda seized the opportunity.

From the very beginning, they were dedicated to incorporating an environmental edge, so they began by importing recycled paper, which developed into working with Australian recyclers to create paper that was worthy of beautiful stationery. They’ve continued to push the recyclability of materials, and have recently worked with a manufacturer to create a leather that’s made out of completely recycled material.

How Corban & Blair collaborate

“Our purpose is to work with other people.” – Gillian Corban

Corban & Blair is a proud collaborative team, who see the value in working not just together as a company, but with many collaborators to create new, innovative products. Each collaboration is undertaken with meaning and with a particular goal in mind, whether that be to celebrate artists of a particular state, or to highlight indigenous art. It’s through this drive to work with others that saw them come together with Studio A.

Studio A works with artists with intellectual disabilities, proving them with the pathways and opportunities afforded to abled artists that aren’t always available to those with disabilities. The profits from exhibitions and sales are invested back into the education and facilities of the studio, increasing the opportunities for artists to grow their professional networks and achieve their artistic and economic goals. Their passion for inclusion, equity and respect creates an environment where artists can flourish, regardless of situations that may be hindering them.

“They’re really beautiful, because every piece is different.” – Amanda Blair

Mentoring and supporting Australian women

As a company founded by women in an industry and at a time that didn’t see that as much, Gillian and Amanda are very keen to transfer their knowledge and give back in any way they can. Currently, Gillian is working with Mentor Walks Australia in providing people with advice to give their lives or careers direction and enabling them to reach their personal goals.

“Mentoring is kind of a person-to-person thing, I mean when you’re mentoring, you get as much back from them as they do from you.” – Gillian Corban

This is something that Gillian has been doing for many years and allows her to meet an array of interesting and different people that, at times, gives great insight into her own product development.

Amanda has spent years working with Theresa House, a refuge for people experiencing homelessness, aiding them in the day-to-day tasks such as laundering.

They both also work with Red Room Poetry, the Social Outfit and Green Collect, either through supporting or mentoring.

Why they love their work

“One of the things that I’m most proud of is that it’s been over 30 years, and we’re still in business, and something that I think is really worth noting is that I enjoy getting up out of bed and going to work every day. That’s a real feat.” – Amanda Blair

After 33 years, their team and business has grown into one that works intuitively and seamlessly together, which allows them to enjoy every moment that they spend at work. They’ve been afforded the opportunities to travel and engage with many different people on unique projects that makes their work all the more meaningful.

Read the full blog post here.

A Journal Making Workshop with Hunt Leather

Corban & Blair and Hunt leather collaborated to hold a “Do it Yourself” workshop to make leather journals. Keeping and writing journals is very important in times of unprecedented change. Much history is collected from the personal observations and feelings of people who document their experiences.

Everyone went home with a beautiful and stylish handmade leather journal they were proud to have made.

NAIDOC Week 2020

NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is celebrated by all Australians and is a great opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

In the Corban & Blair Window Gallery in Lewisham for the next 2 weeks we are displaying works by the talented Indigenous artists we work with. Thomas Avery, Euraba Artists and Paper Makers, Yalanji Arts and Lucy Simpson. These items are all for sale. Exhibition on display 24/7 – 4 Victoria Street Lewisham.

Read & Listen to the history of NAIDOC Week here.

8x8 slim box framed print by Gaawaa Miyay designs Lucy Simpson - YARRAGGAA-MAYRAH-yellow

Change Makers – Sydney Craft Week. 9 – 18 October 2020.

To celebrate ‘Change Makers’ this Sydney Craft Week, Corban & Blair invited artists and designers to create an artwork with one of their signature carbon neutral frames, expressing their feelings or role as a change maker.

These are displayed in the Corban & Blair Window Gallery in Lewisham. Captions and stories accompany the works, which are available for purchase.

This supports Corban & Blair initiative to support creativity in the local community.

Location: Corban & Blair
2 – 4 Victoria Street,

Exhibiting Artists

Thomas Avery, Louise Bickle, Gordon R Carmichael, Emily Crockford, Lisa Hoelzl, Lauren Kerjan, Catherine McGuiness, Meaghan Pelham, Eggpicnic, Fiona Roderick, Lisa Scott, Damian Showyin, Kim Vrkic, Thea Weiss, Helen Wyatt

Download the Exhibition Catalogue here 


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