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Support for women-owned businesses

Group video working from home

As female business owners we see real value in the recent report by EY that backs a strategy for large business and government to increase women owned businesses in their supply chain.

EY report finds that women-owned businesses would benefit from a law requiring organisations to cultivate a more diverse roster of suppliers. A requirement for large Australian businesses to ensure that at least 3 per cent of their supply chain is sourced from women-owned businesses would have a material impact on female entrepreneurs and create more viable small and medium businesses. To include women-owned and led businesses in your supply chain, visit Femeconomy and view their certified suppliers.

EY report
Financial stress report 2020
EY report

About Femeconomy

Femeconomy educates consumers, business owners and budget owners on how their purchasing decisions can create gender equality. Femeconomy certifies businesses that have at least 30% women on the Board of Directors or are 50% female owned. Businesses that meet this criteria can apply to become a member.

Companies with female leaders are more likely to have workplace flexibility, more likely to employ women and less likely to have a gender pay gap, so they are helping to create gender equality for their employees and communities. Femeconomy has been recognised as a subject of social, cultural or economic significance and can therefore be accessed by the public globally, in perpetuity. 

Featured Artist: Little Rowan Redhead

Back in June, we featured Little Rowan Redhead at our No.4 Window gallery. Rowan Sivyer, also known as Little Rowan Redhead, is a printmaker and painter who is also our Lewisham neighbour. A painter and printmaker, Rowan’s work is characterised by her Antipodean attitude – fresh, colourful and sometimes, a little tongue-in-cheek. She is constantly inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her. Rowan’s work features Australian flora and fauna, and she has a particular penchant for parrots!

If you like to know more about her beautiful artworks and what she does, visit her website. You can also purchase her work through Etsy.

Instagram @littlerowanredhead


18th Birthday Book


Amanda Blair has made this wonderful book for her son Harry’s 18th Birthday which she intends to keep adding to each year.


The birthday book was made with one of our portfolios where the pages are held together with brass screws so pages can be added easily.


Amanda has collated images of Harry with family & friends and then had them printed at Dark Star Digital in Alexandria.

The outcome a memorable document to look back on and treasure.

NAIDOC Week: Featuring Indigenous painter Thomas Avery at Corban & Blair Window Gallery

In celebration of NAIDOC Week 2021, we are exhibiting canvas artworks by Indigenous artist Thomas Baggay Avery at No.4 Window Gallery from 4th to 11th of July.  We have worked with Thomas for many years. Thomas began purchasing Corban & Blair frames for his iconic canvas paintings of Australian fauna and flora – we now sell his framed prints, large canvases and collaborate together to creating lining used in our journals, compendiums, card holders and satchels. 

To purchase and view the artwork, click here.


Countdown TED: Pathways to climate action

COUNTDOWN is a global initiative of to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into actions.

Their goal is to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone. Every organization, company, city and nation and citizens everywhere are invited to collaborate with Countdown and take action on climate. It is a movement open to everyone – and everyone has a vital role to play.

For more information to join the action visit and listen to talks from inspiring speakers.


NEW Corban & Blair’s A5 recycled leather Journal is now in TAN

Our popular Australian made A5 recycled leather journal is now available in the colour tan.

This journal is made from quality recycled leather, combining 60% genuine leather fibres from the European shoe and handbag industry, 20% natural latex, 10% natural fat, 10% misc/raw material with tanning agents and water.

The refillable pad is made from 100% de-inked recycled post-consumer waste collected from offices throughout Australia, it is carbon neutral and made in the Maryvale Mill, in Victoria. Please refill your cover for an ongoing life.

B2B marketing leaders May 2021

Corban & Blair at B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC May 2021

B2B marketing leaders May 2021

As a female-owned company who design and manufacture bespoke products, we wanted to communicate to key marketing leaders in Australia what we can do for them.

Since COVID, we have increased our manufacturing capability in Australia by participating as exhibitors at Asia Pacific’s largest network event for B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing leaders. We hoped to meet, network and build long-term relationships with Australian marketing buyers, to diversify and market our services which include product solutions as well as manufacturing and design.

Our aim was to utilise the exhibition area and stand to conduct business meetings. The Key outcome we hoped to achieve was to meet with and explain what we do to potential buyers.

We were interested in the marketing strategies, needs and concerns of other Australian companies.

The rest of our team were also able to participate and engage in the forum through live streaming. The forum included a presentation from the world’s marketing leaders and panel discussions showing the insights into leaders from various marketing disciplines. It was a well organised and efficiently run conference with a positive vibe felt by the attendees. We highly recommend it.

Meaningful Gifting for Trans-Tasman Business Circle

Artist Thea Weiss (Artistic director of the Trans – Tasman Business Circle) has created an original print to be presented to members of the female lead innovation mission to the Hunter Valley. Thea is a studio-based printmaker and painter. Her printing methods concentrate on etchings, both on zinc and caustic soda on linoleum. Her paintings utilise encaustic and oils on wafer board. Once again Corban & Blair have collaborated to make this gift memorable and personal.

Trans - Tasman Business Circle

The Trans-Tasman Business Circle is a strategic growth partner for our region’s leading organisations in the private and government sectors.

The Circle partners with our clients to build their strategic relationships, business insights and profile by developing customised programs for stakeholder engagement.

Johnny Weiss founded the Circle in 1993, providing a network for business and government leaders to collaborate between Australia and New Zealand. Since then the Circle has also fostered connectivity for both countries globally – including Singapore, Israel, Silicon Valley and Ireland. They now run over 300 business C-level briefings across 9 cities in 3 countries. 


CLIMATE ACTION: Are you interested to learn and do more?


Do you want to take action on climate but not sure where to start?

Do you want to be inspired by a range of interesting, respected guest speakers?

Do you want to join others with a shared vision?

Professionals Advocating for Climate Action is a LinkedIn group who meet monthly on a weekday evening on Zoom to discuss goals of improving our environment and addressing climate change with positive actions and practical solutions. They share resources via Trello and have interesting and impressive guest speakers, all leaders in their fields.

Amanda and Gillian are both members of this group. It motivated us to move quickly to get solar on our business premises and use recycled boxes, papers, plastics, newspapers and cardboard where ever we can; from packaging to designer items using recycled leathers and other upcycled materials.


Members are aged from 15 to 70’s and come from a range of backgrounds across Australia and overseas.

To join the LinkedIn group contact



Window gallery NO.4 Lawrence Mcdonell

LAWRENCE MCDONELL Abstract Wandering

Window gallery NO.4 Lawrence Mcdonell

“Drawing and painting for me are a way to work, wonder and wander through feelings and ideas! I tend to move across different styles and have recently produced some abstracts.
I have used water-based media (watercolour, paper, pencils) and small scale for these. They rely on spontaneity and intuition to forge a composition and go through several stages to evolve to a degree of resolution. I feel the images’ kaleidoscopic aspect offers some kind of diversion from humdrum and ordinary actuality.
I also like figurative drawing and exploring how a story can be made using a particular treatment with human and animal characters.
The artwork of members of StudioArtes, where we conduct workshops for people with disability, inspires me with its freshness and directness. I have also taught art in schools and colleges”

A selection of Lawrence’s work is now on display in the Corban & Blair window gallery.

Window gallery NO.4 Lawrence Mcdonell
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