Corban & Blair Hunt Leather Product Launch at The Rocks

Collaborations are creatively Inspiring and Good for Business

Collaboration is the key to innovation and success in today’s competitive business landscape. When two like-minded companies come together, magic happens. It’s not just about combining resources and expertise; it’s about creating something new and exciting that resonates with customers.

Recently, Corban & Blair and Hunt Leather joined forces to hold an event at 140 George Street, the location of Hunt Leather’s new Sydney CBD store. This collaboration was born out of the challenges posed by COVID-19, as both companies saw an opportunity to create Australian-made, sustainable products using recycled leathers and offcuts.

The event was a celebration of craftsmanship, style, and the power of collaboration.

Moreover, collaborations can also be a powerful marketing tool. By partnering with another brand, companies can create buzz and generate excitement around their products or services.

The event at 140 George Street was a prime example of this. By bringing together customers, colleagues, family, and friends, Corban & Blair and Hunt Leather created a memorable experience that not only showcased their collaborative products but also generated positive word-of-mouth and media coverage.

This kind of organic marketing can be invaluable in today’s crowded marketplace.

Our latest collection includes a genuine leather envelope, a recycled leather travel wallet, and coasters which you can purchase through our online store.

Window Gallery this week: Cupco!? 

Step into the whimsical and thought-provoking world of Cupco!?

Cupco!? is the animation, illustration and doll-making brainchild of Luke Temby (from Summer Hill!!). Born on the streets of Tokyo on skateboards and mass sticker pasting, and subsequently transplanted to Sydney, Australia. Cupco!? both appreciates and satirises the ludicrous and ridiculous nature of modern society!

Cupco!? has made a name for himself over the last decade for his prolific output of multi- disciplinary pop art. He became infamous for his machine like output, blurring the lines between traditional art and mass culture items. Looking through his body of work can often seem like stepping into a bizarro version of Japanese knick knack shop Daiso. Instead of $2.80 (¥200) back scratchers and umbrellas you’ll find plush toys of suicide bombers, demon heads, hyper sexual cartoons and even sponges and rugs with Bart Simpson hand sewn into them (not to mention his prints, key chains, apparel etc).

Cupco animated cartoons have appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba, and handmade original pieces have been sold at Christie’s Pop Culture auctions in New York.
Other clients include Converse, Uniqlo, Nickelodeon and Mambo.

All artworks on display are for sale. Contact us or the artist, Luke Temby, for a pricelist and to make a purchase.

How to recycle with Recycle Smart

How does RecycleSmart work?

RecycleSmart pickup hard-to-recycle things from your doorstep and drop them off to be recycled. They collect soft plastics, clothes, shoes, e-waste, batteries and so much more! They partner with vetted recyclers to find the best solution for your valuable resources. For example, soft plastics are processed by APR Plastics, wearable clothes are donated to local charities, like Australian Red Cross, etc. At Corban & Blair, we have been collecting soft plastics from our home and office and sending them to Recycle Smart. For more information about how collection works, check out the link here.

Window Gallery this week: Stephen Schafer

Seeing Things

What do you see when you see something?

Local artist Stephen Schafer’s intriguing images explore this fascinating question. Snapped while he treks through the inner suburb of Sydney and beyond, these objects trouvés, unremarkable in themselves but contextualised and often digitally manipulated, occupy a liminal zone between representation and abstraction. What they “are” matters much less than what you make of them.

Linger over their symmetries and irregularities, wander across their textures and patterns, feast on their colours and contrasts. Let your eyes chew slowly and savour each encounter. Ultimately, it’s all about visual pleasure, making connections, engaging with the little unnoticed things all around us and their infinite aesthetic possibilities. Take time to contemplate the ephemeral.

And if you accept this ope invitation to your imagination, you may start seeing things, and perhaps also yourself, anew.

Framed prints are all individually printed on acid-free paper. To see more of Stephen’s work visit his Instagram page, visit @seeingthings.prints, or contact Stephen to purchase his prints [email protected].


Wondering what you can do after watching War on Waste? 

The Corban & Blair team has been watching the War on Waste, an eye-opening documentary series by ABC. Hosted by journalist Craig Reucassel, the series reveals how much waste our world produces today. It shows how this waste harms the environment and encourages people to think about their daily choices.

Through captivating storytelling and compelling statistics, War on Waste challenges society’s complacency towards waste management and prompts a critical reevaluation of consumer habits. By delving into the realms of single-use plastics, food waste, and more, the series not only raises awareness about the pressing issues at hand but also empowers individuals to become agents of change in the ongoing battle for a more sustainable future.

Some of the things we are doing together as an office to reduce our waste:
  • Using reusable cups, containers and utensils
  • Printing Mindfully – Only printing when necessary and using recycled paper
  • Recycling stations set up around the office
  • Electronic Waste Recycling 
  • Use energy generated by Solar   
  • Turn off lights, computers, and other electronic devices when not in use
  • Using the offcuts we generate in the manufacturing process to make new products
  • Support repair and recycling programs
  • Choose loose fruit and veg and take reusable produce bags 
  • Shopping at the market and opting for items in paper or glass
  • Composting
  • Reduce Food Waste – Plan meals, store food properly and eat up leftovers 

Support the BYO Friday initiative:

If you’re heading to the office on Friday, remember your reusables and don’t be shy! Spread the word and let everyone in your office know that you’ve joined the #BYOFriday movement to ditch single use every Friday! Find out more here.
As product designers, we place a high importance on both the products we design and the waste they might generate. We pay close attention to the products we create, how long they last, and what happens to them after their usefulness ends. These factors are at the core of our design philosophy.

Our objective is to choose materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. We aim to create items that are adaptable, can be used again, and have multiple purposes. Additionally, we make an effort to use as little packaging as possible, opting for pre-used boxes and packing materials.

Catch up on the War on Waste on ABC iView here.

Designing for minimal impact

At Corban & Blair, we’re all about designing for minimal impact. We use recycled and carbon-neutral materials and design for use and relevance. We encourage our clients to think sustainably when considering their product solutions, rather than opt for a ‘use once and throw away’ product. After all, we’re not just designing for today, but for future generations to come.

When it comes to manufacturing, Corban & Blair support local businesses and work with a network of local manufacturers, printers, and artisans. Our carbon-neutral frames are New Zealand made, but we don’t limit ourselves to just Australia and New Zealand.

There are some items that just can’t be made here. For those, we’ve built a strong partnership with a family business in China. We have vetted our supply chain, this wasn’t just a business decision, but a response to our clients’ growing desire for locally sourced, authentic, and eco- friendly products that speak volumes about their company’s values and commitment to the planet.

How can we throw away less and do something for the planet?

WASTE NOT EVERYDAY by Erin Rhoads is a step-by-step guide with 365 easy changes that will not only influence what you throw out but also have a genuine impact on the future of our planet.

Split into four easy-to-follow parts, Waste Not Everyday features simple tips that will lead to a real shift in thinking and action and show you that a zero-waste lifestyle is actually achievable – for everyone, every budget and every schedule.

With tips ranging from actions and inspiration to recipes and resources, Erin Rhoads, well-known zero-waste advocate and author of Waste Not, takes you on a journey towards a life with less waste and more meaning. 5% of author profits are donated to Waste Aid Australia. 


Here are a handful of the topics the book talk about:

  • Setting up a plastic free challenge for yourself
  • the simple swaps and how to make new habits stick
  • how to conduct a bin audit and plastic audit
  • what you can do to reduce your kitchen waste
  • Growing food and composting
  • how to make safe and low waste cleaning products
  • Decluttering kindly
  • Caring, fixing and repairing
  • Tips for second hand shopping and extending the life of your clothes
  • How to make your own beauty products or find low waste options plus other personal care solutions
  • hosting and navigating events of your own and with family/friends
  • Preparing for children, nappies, kids parties, toys even pets
  • Eating out, travelling and being low waste in the office
  • The different ways to act your vision through activism

To order her books, visit Hardie Grant publishing website.

IWF Cornerstone International Conference in Helsinki

Every year, the International Women’s Forum (IWF) conducts a leadership conference that brings together women leaders from over 50 countries. The conference aims to educate, inform, and inspire these women leaders to be ahead of the change that is needed in the world. Locally IWF Australia prides itself on being a network that is more about our ‘net’ than our ‘work’. We connect as women. Grow as leaders. And shape leadership for the future.

Gillian Corban attended the recent conference held in Helsinki Finland along with 24 other Australian leaders.

Session Topics covered were Acting Differently: The Climate Imperative, Finnish Design: Form Function and the Culture of Thinking Differently, A View From the Border: The changing Security Landscape,  A Brave New World: The Transformation of the Global Diet,  An Elegantly Modelled Future: Quantum Computing, The How and Why of Happiness.

The content was informative meeting global members was inspirational. Corban & Blair were honoured to design and create gifts made in Australia.

Corban & Blair in collaboration with Indigenous artists Lucy Simpson and The Social Outfit designed and made the gifts given to speakers at this year’s conference.

Speakers gift made for the @iwfglobal Cornerstone Conference Helsinki 2023. Corban & Blair collaborated with @thesocialoutfit and First Nations artist Lucy Simpson (@gmiyay )to create this custom made pouch.

The Social Outfit is a fashion and textiles social enterprise based in Sydney, Australia. The organisation provides employment and training opportunities to refugees and new migrants and uses surplus and donated fabrics from local fashion houses to create high-quality, sustainable fashion products.

Lucy Simpson is a contemporary First Nations artist and designer from the Yuwaalaraay community in North Western New South Wales, Australia. Her design for the conference gift is inspired by the rivers of her country. The result is a unique design that reflects the beauty and diversity of Indigenous art and culture.

Notebooks made from carton boxes

Re-purposing fruit and wine carton boxes into notebooks

The Carton Notebook is an excellent choice for individuals who value unique and sustainable products. Each notebook is made from pre-used boxes that are collected locally, giving it a distinct character that sets it apart.

The notebook is filled with 100% recycled paper stock, and the covers are made from repurposed fruit and wine boxes that would otherwise contribute to landfill. The covers showcase unique branding designed to identify and sell produce of various kinds, making each notebook one-of-a-kind.

Fruit and wine boxes were collected from local businesses around Sydney. Boxes were sorted and hand cut to the correct size for front and back notebook covers.

View the entire range of carton notebooks. 

New Thomas Avery MAYAN in Navy

The Thomas Avery MAYAN range is a collection of work essentials that feature design by First Nations artist Thomas ‘Bagaay’ Avery.

The range includes a luggage tag, travel wallet, A5 journal, laptop sleeve, tech pouch, and cardholder, all available in a new navy colour. Perfect for professionals who want to add a touch of personality to their work accessories.

To view our new Thomas’s new MAYAN range click here.

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