Working Together

Corban & Blair believe it is important to showcase our Australian cultural narratives. Working on ideas and design development with other Australians creators is an effective way to achieve this as it provides inspiration and a stronger creative force.

We collaborate with individuals whose creations inspire us and our clients. In turn, we help showcase their work to a broader audience. We are proud of such relationships. Through collaborating with other creative individuals we are able to promote our unique cultural heritage.

Lucy Simpson Contemporary Aboriginal Design

Yuwaalaraay Country is where Lucy comes from. It is freshwater country, the rivers brim with memories, story and life. It is where her heart belongs. It is home. Lucy believes from the stars in the skies to the ground beneath we are surrounded by story. She is forever learning, creating and sharing, and immersing herself in family, country and story.

Nothing in the world makes her more happy. “Design is my life and I love it. My culture makes me proud and enriches my soul to be able to breath life into old stories.”

Euraba Print & Paper Makers

We have been collaborating with Euraba (Indigenous artists and papermakers from Boggabilla for over 10 years. Gillian met them when she was mentoring the manager through the Australia Council. With a mutual love of paper we have been working together ever since.

We started out using their hand made papers. We have evolved to framing their prints and creating packaging for prints as gifts for the corporate sector. We love their story and the aesthetic of their art works and prints. Operating indigenous businesses can be difficult and we have partnered with them many times to assist on the business side. We have met many people working with them and have sent their prints all around Australia. This partnership enables to get on with creating things, while we frame, package and provide a channel to market with our expertise.

Yalanji Arts Ceramics

Rich artisan skills are at the forefront of the bespoke bowls created by Madja, the ceramic branch of the indigenous group Yalanji Arts. Kuku Yalanji country encompasses rainforest and ocean environments in a richly diverse area stretching between Cooktown, Chillagoe and Port Douglas.

Fiona Roderick

Fiona Roderick Print Maker

Fiona is a print maker who creates artworks that she collages into prints, using wood, paint and paper. Nature themes are important to her work as they literally carve out the essence of landscape, flora and fauna.

Elliot Mason Artist

Elliot calls his artwork a stylized representation of the natural world. He uses rhythmic, organic and geometric forms that are broken down into simple motifs. These can be turned into patterns, replicated and then contoured over blended gradients that represent land, waves, clouds and living beings. He creates patterns that represent the environment they portray, stretched and repeated like fractals multiplying into the distance to create perspective and depth.

Thomas Avery Artist

Thomas Avery is a descendant of the Gamilaroi Aboriginal Tribe of Northern NSW who paints local flora and fauna on canvas. His totem is the eagle and his Aboriginal name is BAGAAY meaning “The River”.

Cass Deller Artist

Her work is inspired by her Sunshine Coast lifestyle, where her memories are so fondly captured from years of family holidays. All of her work embodies a bright and beautiful aura that she inject into every design and illustration.

Her medium of choice is watercolour, however she also loves to experiment and continue to learn with other mediums such as acrylic and ink.


Margot Design Artist

Margot is an artist and textile designer who works with local suppliers to create luxury natural fibre scarves, beach towels, wraps and artworks in Sydney Australia.

Each design is a mixture of unexpected colour, pattern and textures that have been inspired by the flowers and beaches of Sydney in summer.

Howard Gwynne Photographer

Howard has been taking family and travel photos for over 30 years.  Initially the focus was on simplicity – trying to capture the essence of a scene or object.  Recently he has become fascinated with using multiple exposures to achieve a richer picture to amplify the richness of the Australian countryside for others to appreciate.

Howard lives next to Botany Bay National Park and this provides the bush leaves, flowers, beach and headland images which appear in much of his work. The glorious richness of the outback is also featured from his travels to the Red Centre.

Bruce Usher Photographer

Bruce Usher has been capturing the surfing culture of Sydney’s northern beaches for decades. His collection depicts the surfing culture of the 60’s and 70’s in beautiful black and white photographs.

Angela Robertson-Buchanan Photographer

Angela is a photographer and trained wildlife rescuer and carer, specialising in bird rehabilitation. 

She works on projects with a conservation message and create exhibitions where she can convey a message and donate a percentage of sales or prints to the fund or organisation.

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