At Corban & Blair, we use a range of techniques to create our exclusive products. Branding details, such as logo application, can be approached in highly creative ways through the use of debossing, embossing or screen printing, to create products specifically designed for your brand.

Embellishment blind blocking

Debossing is a great way to add a high-quality distinguished finish to your branded products. It provides a tactile quality as well as an elegant and sculpted effect that subtly enhances the look and feel of an object.

Debossing is a process where a metal block with a logo or pattern is pressed down into the surface of the material. Debossing can be applied to leather, book cloth and book paper.


Blind blocking is a deboss without foil print or colour. The logo or image is stamped into the material so that the graphic sits below the surface.

Embellishment foil blocking

Foil Blocking or stamping is a process where metallic or coloured foil is applied to a surface using heated die, making the foil permanently adhere to the surface. Foils come in a wide selection colours including traditional gold, silver, black and white. For best results brand identity and material will need to be considered when choosing a foil colour.

embellishment embossing card

The embossed pattern is also made from a metal block. The logo or design is raised against the background and used mainly on paper and thin board.

embellishment digital printing

With the advance of printing technology, prints can be applied to a variety of materials such as textiles, leather, wood, glass, metal and plastics. We work with local printing companies and can advise the most suitable application.


Celloglazing is a clear coating applied to the surface of a print. The process adds depth to colours, produces a luxurious look to the over-all product and is more robust.

embellishment laser etching

Engraving is a process of directly carving a design onto a hard flat surface by cutting grooves into the material. We can engrave or etch on aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper, plastics, wood and leather.

embellishment laser cutting

Laser cutting is the process of using a powerful laser to cut and/or engrave items from flat sheets of material like plastic, wood, metal and many other materials.


Whether for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or as a personalised business gift, our monogramming service allows both individuals and businesses to personalise a product from our shop range by adding a name, initials or date.

We provide a choice of elegant fonts, sizes and coloured foils. Unlike debossing, we use individual metal letter stamps to create personalised products. The letters can be foiled with gold, rose gold, silver or other colours and can be applied to a variety of materials.

Available fonts and sizes.

materials block example

What is a block?

A block is a reusable engraved or etched metal plate of a logo, image or graphic. A block is used for debossing and embossing logos onto the material. 

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