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Approach for 2021

Work closely with our customers exploring product solutions that are valued, acknowledge women, lower our environmental footprint, convey brand messages and showcase our Australian culture. To deliver this we will continue to collaborate with other talented artists and artisans.

Founded in 1988

Corban & Blair was born out of an idea to work creatively. Co-founders and cousins Gillian and Amanda along with their team create engaging, innovative and continually evolving product solutions.


Gillian and Amanda opened a niche Australian designer stationery store in 1988, offering handmade journals and albums. As the market changed and developed, they too evolved to match market needs, creating new product styles in an array of materials manufactured in Australia, New Zealand and China. They use carefully selected materials and techniques to produce products that delight. Over the years, Corban & Blair have built long and trusted relationships with their clients.

“Right from the beginning we were serious and committed to design, excellence and best business practice, but we never envisaged the stimulating, creative enterprise of wonderful employees, associates, suppliers and customers we continue to work with.”

Supporting what we believe in

We are committed to operating a business that focuses on economic and environmental sustainability. We pay the carbon credits on our New Zealand made photo frames. We support the arts, schools, women and homelessness, education and mentor and coach within the business and arts community.

Core to our success and close to our hearts is the desire to showcase the richness and beauty of Australian culture through key collaborations; supporting women in business and developing long-lasting honest relationships with businesses, designers and makers.

“We think it is an achievement to have been in a business for over thirty years, and one we are still passionate about.”

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