Bruce Usher Framed Photography, Manly


Photography is much more than simply mastery of the medium. Beyond the technicalities, it’s about the ability to communicate powerfully in pictures – using the elements of visual creativity to elicit a response in the viewer. It’s this ability which separates photographers from people who use cameras, and it’s this ability which has characterised Bruce Usher’s work over four decades. His earliest published photographs are of a subject that enthused him – surfing – but as he developed as a photographer he injected enthusiasm into everything he shot. This capacity to see his surroundings in such a positive manner makes every Bruce Usher photograph more than just a picture… it’s an experience..

Framed in a handmade carbon neutral black 14×12″ slim box frame with a white acid-free mat.

Material: Photographic paper, plantation grown timber, glass front, acid-free mat, and metal tabs
Made in Australia & New Zealand