To celebrate ‘Change Makers’ this Sydney Craft Week, Corban & Blair invited artists and designers to create an artwork with one of their signature carbon neutral frames, expressing their feelings or role as a change maker.

These are displayed in the Corban & Blair Window Gallery in Lewisham. Captions and stories accompany the works, which are available for purchase.

This supports Corban & Blair initiative to support creativity in the local community.

Location: Corban & Blair
2 – 4 Victoria Street,

Exhibiting Artists

Thomas Avery, Louise Bickle, Gordon R Carmichael, Emily Crockford, Lisa Hoelzl, Lauren Kerjan, Catherine McGuiness, Meaghan Pelham, Eggpicnic, Fiona Roderick, Lisa Scott, Damian Showyin, Kim Vrkic, Thea Weiss, Helen Wyatt

Download the Exhibition Catalogue here 


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