Challenged by climate issues and the need to support local business, Corban & Blair have returned to their roots making more products locally.

Since 1988, Corban & Blair has created unique collections upcycling, recycling and reusing material to minimise waste, combining design and environmental consideration to our business practice. We are passionate about what we design and are consistently searching for new ideas and concepts to add value and meaning.

This month our window display features our work from past and present, the designs we made from recycled materials in support of climate action.


Australian Made Recycled Leather Range

These products are made from quality bonded recycled leather, combining 60% genuine leather fibres from the European shoe and handbag industry, 20% natural latex, 10% natural fat, 10% misc/raw material with tanning agents and water. It can be recycled safely.

The refillable pad for the journals are made from 100% de-inked recycled post-consumer waste collected from offices throughout Australia, it is carbon neutral and made in the Maryvale Mill, in Victoria.


New Life Products, Studio A Collaboration


Corban & Blair are delighted to collaborate with and feature the artistic talent of Studio A artists. Individual pieces have been created by the Studio A team from products that Corban & Blair wanted to give a new life, to create authenticity, inspiration and a new narrative to extend a products life or create a completely new cultural artefact.


Studio A is a supported art studio, based in Sydney that nurtures the talents of very clever artists living with an intellectual disability. Revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program.


Artifact Framed Block Collection


This collection has come about in the wake of our warehouse relocation the week before the Covid-19 lockdown. Part of the move included a 2.5m high metal shelving unit with 200 shelves which stores thousands of metal blocks. This is over 30 years of history!


Some of the blocks are very intricate and beautiful in their raw state, worthy of being framed. The blocks were used to imprint the image onto handmade folders or menus. These are unique one-off pieces from the Corban & Blair Artifact Collection.


All Corban & Blair frames are carbon neutral – plantation pine, grown and manufactured in New Zealand. The funds raised go to land regeneration.


Raw Couture, Upcycled Handbag Collection

What do you do with your unwanted clothes? Artist Keiko Kimura strips them, weaves them into a piece of textile and turns them into bags. Keiko uses everyday material such as used clothes and hardware then applies DIY manufacturing techniques to create new wearable objects.


Retro Collection 2008

These products were made in 2008 from items collected over the years. The computer circuit boards, floppy disks, old maps and comic books were given a brand new life as notebooks.


Our commitment

We are committed to reducing packaging waste by recycling, reusing and keeping packaging materials going around in the distribution system. This is our attempt at the circular economy. This means our boxes are 2nd or 3rd hand. They have been many places, along with newspapers, packaging and the shredded magazines we use.

We are members of the Environment Support and Advocacy Group (ESAG). A group set up by Carolyn Loton & Stephen Moir. Involved are professionals invested in learning, networking and taking action for climate change. The purpose of this group is to explore ways in which they can leverage our different roles and extensive networks to influence positive climate action.

We also support the work of Inner West Community Energy who take solar to homes and businesses. They are organising the installation of solar on our business premises.

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