Laptop Bag with Studio A Print

Client: Liberty Specialty Markets

This custom made zip laptop bag was made in collaboration with Studio A artist Jaycee Kim for commercial insurer Liberty Specialty Markets. Liberty has proudly sponsored Studio A for over 10 years. The zip laptop case features a large front and back pocket with concealable handles, a detachable shoulder strap and a lining design by Jaycee’s artwork Postage Stamp Colour Palette.

“My work is inspired by the Playstation game Kingdom Hearts, in particular the Gummi Ship. The ship flies to other worlds and has a unique type of pattern around its edges. The pattern enables transformation. My work is about transformation. The degradation of colour reflects and allows the expression in my brain to change. Rainbow colours allow me to change colours and moods. The chess characters are inspired by my watercolour paintings. Using my new creative ensemble I invite you to checkmate with my duplicates.”

Studio A is a supported art studio based in Sydney that nurtures the talents of very clever artists living with intellectual disabilities. The enterprise paves professional pathways so these artists can achieve artistic and economic success. The Studio A program is structured to operate as a social enterprise. Revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program to increase its artistic and social outcomes.

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