Recently we made our shop window at 4 Victoria Street, Lewisham into a Window Gallery. It is wonderfully large and masses of people pass by on their way into Lewisham station.
Our first exhibit features Ocean Study 1 & Ocean Study 2 large works by well known, entrepreneur Naomi Simson.
“What most people don’t know is that creativity is very much a part of who I am. I get lost in my paints, in the colour and texture. I am deeply curious. As an entrepreneur and business owner I have a busy and sometimes ‘hectic’ work schedule. One of the places that I take myself to counterbalance my busyness, is my painting studio. During early 2020 I took the time to reflect on my 30year journey in paint. That there are many aspects to what it is to be human. My business life, speaking and writing are my contribution. I choose to have a busy life but on weekends I choose to spend hours and hours lost in the exploration of colour”. Naomi Simson.
Ocean Study 1         Ocean Study 2
“I Love water – I always have. It is always changing and reflects the environment.
I live by Sydney Harbour and I see it every day. I experience its moods and charms. I can waste hours watching it. I lose track of time. Most holidays are to either our beach house or somewhere else where there is water. My favourite time is January where every day I walk the same beach morning and night. And every time I walk it – it is different. The intersection between water and land, wet and dry, liquid and solid I find endlessly curious. My studio has an aspect to the harbour which delivers its own unique qualities”
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