It is a stylish shoe bag for women to carry their good shoes (heels) to work and to store their runners in during the day.
Shoezie is elegant and practical, created by Kerry Matheson SHOEZIE has a built-in satin divider to protect shoes and comes in a neat fold up pouch. The Shoezie collection comes in a range of fashionable colours designed for style and practicality.
“Let’s be honest, as women we all feel a little more fabulous when we slip on a pair of high heels. But wearing them all the time isn’t always practical, or comfortable.
Working a corporate office job, I noticed there was no fashionable and purpose-built solution for carrying my heels to the office.
After volunteering at Charity Dress for Success, I noticed that many of the clients who were being styled in donated clothing loved the look of high heels but didn’t choose them because they were catching public transport to a new workplace and didn’t want to get sore feet.
That was all the extra motivation I needed, to embark on my journey of bringing Shoezie to life.
So whether you’re off to the gym, going to your corporate job or heading out to a swanky bar, with Shoezie I hope you can stand tall and be amazing” Kerry Matheson. Purchase your Shoezie here.

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