One of our most popular frames used by Egg Picnic

The Shadow Box Frame is one of our most popular frames. Like all our frames it is carbon neutral, which means Corban & Blair has stepped up its commitment to the environment by buying carbon credits to offset emissions produced in the manufacturing of our frames. The money raised will go towards land regeneration. By choosing carbon neutral products, we can each play our part in supporting the environment. The Shadow Box Frames have been hand crafted in New Zealand from sustainable, plantation grown timber.

They are available in 4 different sizes in black and white, with and without a mat. Because this frame has a depth of 3.5cm from the front of the frame to glass, the frames construction makes it perfect for shelf/table display.

Look out for Egg Picnic who uses the Shadow Box Frames to displays their fine art prints, which they look wonderful in! Have a look at their work here. We love working with others who also share our same passion for the environment. 

They produce fine art prints to end wildlife extinction through education. Creating characters that tread a fine line between art and design, Eggpicnic aims to capture the beauty of the natural world with the hope of inspiring others to protect it.