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UpRising is a pilot program by IdeaSpies offering 50 NSW HSC Design & Technology students the chance to connect with industry, business and community, to accelerate their ideas, test prototypes and promote their final designs. It’s a simple program that does not add any more to teachers’ or students’ workloads. 

Each year nearly 4000 NSW HSC students work on major design projects. They offer big opportunities for business & industry to connect and shape education, develop future capabilities or give back and support the grassroots of innovation – the classroom.  Check out all the clever ideas.

This idea below has captured our attention and we look forward to the design outcome.

Waratah inspired Western Sydney International Airport design

With the release of the new Western Sydney International Airport featuring a traditional rectangular structured terminal, I propose an alternative exterior design for the terminal. 

The design inspired by the Waratah plant which is an iconic native Australian flora represents Australia’s unique diverse culture. The final design will be dynamic, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and designed to provide efficient travel. This will address the needs associated with the local community, rapid increase in immigration, international air travel and the expansion of Western Sydney.

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