Each year we like to acknowledge and support the work of women, designers and women in business. Here are outstanding businesswomen we admire. 

Lisa Cahill
CEO and Artistic Director – Australian Design Centre 

We admire Lisa because she is passionate about the benefits of design-led innovation for Australia, creative education and rejuvenating our economy through making. She supports makers and designers at every stage of their careers and supports initiatives to grow audiences, for the craft and design movement.

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Michelle Bowditch
CEO & Founder Door20a

We admire Michelle’s compelling philosophy ‘Be You. Do You. Amaze You.’ To empower female professionals at all stages of their career to find their unique voice, achieve peak performance and disrupt the status quo by developing the right mindset. Her bespoke corporate workshops, keynote presentations, and mentoring sessions are consistently sought after.

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Gabrielle Mordy
Artistic Director & CEO at Studio A

We admire the ideas, tenacity and professionalism that Gabrielle has achieved as a passionate advocate for the rights of all people to access the arts. She has led the Studio A enterprise creating professional pathways for artists with intellectual disability. The work of the Studio A artists is much sought-after.

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Suzi Dafnis
CEO & Founder HerBusiness 

We admire the work Suzi continues to do with women in HerBusiness. It is a collaborative and supportive community for women business owners, from a solopreneur to growing and scaling a business, expanding networks and learning from world-leading role models, to create a business they love. 

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