Corban & Blair support the initiatives of young artists like Harrison. He makes both porcelain ceramic coral and linen prints of seaweed. Harrison uses Corban & Blair – carbon neutral frames to display his works.
Harry originally started making art for his HSC in 2017. This series of work was called the Infraclass Cirripedia. This body of work studied the progression of life to death, and the effects of using one another for survival. This is conveyed by having the coral pieces on water eroded timber planks, that chalk paint has washed faintly white. The 3 pieces showed from left to right slowly eroded in timber, whilst the porcelain coral grew in mass. (there were multiple different ways it could be interpreted depending on the markers personal view). Harry also added other little pieces, such as a book made, with stamps of porcelain prints of Charles Darwin. These works were nominated and accepted into Art Express and was exhibited around NSW.
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Instagram: h.o.e_n_co
Phone: 0427 870 224
Email: [email protected]

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