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Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle, Recycle

Since 1988, Corban & Blair has been creating unique collections upcycling, recycling and reusing material to minimise waste, combining design with environmental considerations in our business practice.

We are passionate about what we design and consistently search for new ideas and concepts to add value and meaning in the products, we create for others to use.

Our sustainable practice

We are committed to reducing packaging waste by recycling, reusing and keeping packaging materials going around in the distribution system. This is our attempt at the circular economy. This means our boxes are 2nd or 3rd hand. They have been many places, along with newspapers, perused bubble wrap and the shredded magazines we use.

  • Reuse materials and create useful relevant products
  • Recycle all our waste and use recycled materials
  • Upcycle our leathers into useful product
  • Reduce overconsumption by providing refillable recycled paper notepads
  • Reduce our use of plastic
  • Install solar energy for business
  • Compost all food waste
  • Design for purpose and aesthetic
  • Use our Window Gallery to support local creatives

We are members of the Professionals Advocating for Climate Action. A group of professionals established by Carolyn Loton and Stephen Moir, who are invested in learning, networking and taking action for climate change.

We also support the work of Inner West Community Energy who take solar to homes and businesses. They installed the solar panels for our business premises.

Made in Australia

We are proud to announce our new product range has Australian Made Certification. When we started Corban & Blair, we made all our products in Australia, mostly with our own hands. Our first collection of albums & journals used hand-painted paper by Indigenous artist Susan Vaughan. We continue this trend by collaborating with others to inspire new design concepts that showcase the diversity of our Australian culture.

Recycled leather products

Challenged by climate issues and the need to support local business. Corban & Blair have returned to our roots and now make many more products locally.

At the beginning of 2020 we set up an inhouse manufacturing workshop to make products from recycled leather and leather off cuts. This leather is made from off cuts, recycled from the European shoe and handbag industry.
Our refillable pads are made from Australian Paper (100% de-inked recycled post-consumer waste) collected from offices throughout Australia. They are carbon neutral and milled in Maryvale, Victoria.

Carbon neutral frames hand made in New Zealand

Corban & Blair frames are made in New Zealand from plantation grown timber. We buy carbon credits to offset emissions produced in the manufacturing of these frames. The money raised goes towards land regeneration. This is another way we support the environment.

Upcycled leather products

We have put our values into practice and designed a collection from recycling our leather off cuts to reduce our scrap materials going to landfill. This collection is made using a simple construction of folding and cutting to reduce, manufacturing time and our carbon footprint.

Environmental collaboration

We love to collaborate with like-minded people. Corban & Blair continue to work with communities and organisations who share the same environmental values and interest in minimising waste. 

This range of New Life products was developed while finding a solution for a handful of less than perfect A5 leather journals. We enlisted the help of our talented friends from Studio A and Indigenous artist Thomas Avery, to create art works we have adhered to the journal cover. Each totally unique and comes with a refillable recycled paper notepad.

Our community

The Corban & Blair Window Gallery not only exhibits the creativity of our collaborators and local artists, it also provides a colourful and informative experience for the commuters who walk past on their way to Lewisham Station. In March 2021 we used the window to present our environmental ideas and engage with the local community, who now drop off perused boxes and newspapers for us to reuse.

Talk to us about your sustainable ideas.

At Corban & Blair, we are always on the look out for new and innovative sustainable ideas. If you have an idea you want to share with us talk us by calling 02 9560 0122 or fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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