Supporting Aboriginal Business

In Sydney- be touched by the most ancient human culture on earth on a 90-minute leisurely walkabout with an Aboriginal guide in The Rocks, and journey into Dreamtime, the culture of Aboriginal People.

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Dreamtime SouthernX Pty Ltd is privately owned by Aboriginal People. ASIC registered it is providing Aboriginal Dreamtime cultural services in tourism – training and education to the tourism, public and private education and corporate markets. The business in its current form has been registered since 2007. The current management has operated in the cultural tourism industry for last 21 years, and the NSW Public education services industry certified as a Teacher and Trainer since 1979.

The company’s shareholders have worked tirelessly over the past 50 years supporting their own and extended family, and as representative of their native homeland nations of Dunghutti-Jerrinjha, also advocated for and provided training, employment and economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people wherever possible and continue this commitment through their current business endeavours today.

What they offer:

Dreamtime SouthernX Pty Ltd offers a suite of tailored products and services for education and tourism markets, that are grounded in Aboriginal culture experiences of being greeted-welcomed to country, walking or travelling over ancient Aboriginal pathways tracing the ever-present DREAMTIME of Sydney – delivered via a series of outdoor learning in continuity with nature/seasons, walking or travelling by bus or with a basic welcome to country.