22034 Howard Gwynne 12x14 slim box walnut, plantings

Howard Gwynne Framed Photograph, Plantings


Photographer Howard Gwynne always aims to capture the essence of a scene or object to tell a story. Recently he has become fascinated with using multiple exposures to achieve a richer picture by amplifying textures, colours and the symbolic aspects his subject. He lives near Botany Bay National Park. On a trip around regional NSW Howard become fascinated with the world of yesterday that almost appears left behind- yet the stock are feeding happily near by in paddocks unaware of the changes taking place in the environment and society in general.

  • Material: Photographic paper, plantation grown timber, glass front, acid-free mat and metal tabs
  • Made in: Australia & New Zealand

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Dimensions 33.5 × 38.5 × 3 cm

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