Sharing an important process

The Connection Statement by Suzi Dafnis has been designed for the HerBusiness network, of women business owners.

“If you don’t want to be mediocre this is something you need to consider, learn or improve upon.

Have you ever asked someone what they do… and then five minutes later, they’re still talking, but they haven’t really engaged your interest, they haven’t made a strong connection with you? So, now your eyes are glazed over and you’re looking at how you can MAKE A QUICK EXIT from this conversation.

Or, you’ve spent time explaining what YOU do only to find that the other person has totally MISINTERPRETED YOU.

When you don’t have a way to communicate what you do in terms of how you help others, you can LOSE the CONNECTION even before you’ve established it… throwing yourself right into isolation.

You really want to be able to communicate your value in a way that instantly creates a connection.”

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