Raw Couture, Blue Handbag


What do you do with your unwanted clothes?
Artist Keiko Kimura strips them, weaves them into a piece of textile and turns them into bags. Her practice combines conceptual art and hands-on experiment with traditional and industrial techniques. Keiko uses everyday material such as used clothes and hardware then applies DIY manufacturing techniques to create new wearable objects.

“Everywhere around the world, millions of tonnes of clothes go into landfills. In Australia alone, more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill each year. I saw an opportunity to utilise unwanted clothes as raw material and give another life by adding design, texture and colour” – Keiko Kimura

  • Material: Navy t-shirt, videotapes, bright yellow brick layer’s string, black rope, white yarn from jumper and fake fur from abandoned craft project

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