Plan.D Agile Business Cards


Plan.D is unlike any other start-up guide, it’s a progressive, customisable and easy to use deck of cards. Plan.D is comprised of various topic and questions designed to take you through an aspect of the complete start-up journey. Not only will Plan.D assist you in developing your business but will increase your ability to think laterally and problem solve complex start-up issues. Plan.D is perfect for any individual or business.

Plan.D was developed by brother and sister duo Sam and Lucy Gilfedder. Plan.D was first realised whilst Lucy was undergoing the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at The University of Technology Sydney. By collaborating with various professionals and cross-analysing leading start-up guides, Plan.D was gradually developed as a more user-friendly startup guide that uses progressive ideologies, an easy to use deck of cards.

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Material: Cardboard

Made in Australia

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