Ceramic Bowls by Yalanji Arts, Lawyer Vine


These colourful ceramic bowls were handcrafted by Vanessa Cannon from the Indigenous group Yalanji Arts, Mossman Gorge in North Queensland. Vanessa makes each piece by hand using grogged sculptural clay and fired to stoneware temperature. These limited edition bowls are each numbered and boxed with a certification of authenticity. As these bowls are individually sculpted, no two bowls are alike. 

About Yalanji
Kuku Yalanji country encompasses rainforest and ocean environments in the richly diverse country stretching between Cooktown, Chillagoe and Port Douglas. A deep connection with nature and a strong sense of belonging to the rainforest informs all aspects of Yalanji culture.

Through Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Incorporated, Yalanji Arts provides support and advocacy for local artists, assisting them in their development through ongoing training and the marketing of their work to regional and national galleries. Creative and fine art currently being developed through the Art Centre includes contemporary original prints, screen printed fabrics, ceramics, designer jewellery and products made from rainforest timber. 

Note: Each artwork is unique. Colour and pattern may vary. 

Made in Australia