What’s Your Story? conversation cards

What’s Your Story? is an entertaining way to turn memories, experiences, moments and milestones into stories to share with family and friends.

Designed mainly for family gatherings we have been delighted to see them used in staff training, counselling, classrooms, offices, parties, retirement homes and hospitals.

Each card in the What’s Your Story? deck is beautifully designed with a thought provoking statement or question and image to help get your storytelling started.

Pick a card, any card. ‘Your favourite holiday’ Where were you? What made it so special? Was it the people you were with? What did you do while you were there? Would you go back? And so your story begins… Use What’s Your Story? cards with friends or family. Have fun discovering more about your grandparents, your big brother, new friends and even those you’ve known for years. In your hands, What’s Your Story? cards have the power to turn any event into a wonderful and memorable occasion!

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Material: Coated card

Made in Australia



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