Leather Satchel held in-stock

The classic Corban & Blair leather satchel is ideal for work meetings and presentations and is a perfect match for all Corban & Blair portfolios. Featuring a gusseted pocket, flat pocket and magnetic closure, the satchel is a popular presentation item among designers, architects and photographers to present bodies of work. Held in-stock for fast turn around.

Our gallery is a curated collection of our latest one-off product designs that we have created exclusively for our corporate clients.

*Genuine leather is a natural material so markings such as scars, wrinkles and veining are characteristics and proof that it is genuine leather. On a full hide, you see the natural creases – the neck (the marbling), the belly (slightly softer/smooth), the underarm (soft creasing). These are not defects but proof that it is genuine leather.

** Ironically PU leather-look is available with all the creasing and nicks of genuine leather to make it look more real!


In-Stock range, Satchels & Sleeves

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