Leather Satchel

Client: A.H. Beard

Dedicated to quality, comfort and craftsmanship, bedding company A.H. Beard commissioned a selection of handmade leather satchels to be presented as special gifts to their current clients. Made in Australia from genuine cow hide leather, these beautifully crafted satchels reflected distinct company values and a hands on approach to creating and making.

Our gallery is a curated collection of our latest one-off product designs that we have created exclusively for our corporate clients.

*Genuine leather is a natural material so markings such as scars, wrinkles and veining are characteristics and proof that it is genuine leather. On a full hide, you see the natural creases – the neck (the marbling), the belly (slightly softer/smooth), the underarm (soft creasing). These are not defects but proof that it is genuine leather.

** Ironically PU leather-look is available with all the creasing and nicks of genuine leather to make it look more real!


Satchels & Sleeves