Our earth – How can we protect it from ourselves!

All of us need to take responsibility for ensuring the survival of the land we inhabit. This is a global issue and can be addressed in our work processes as well as at home. At Corban & Blair we already recycle, use recycled materials, use recycled boxes, shred paper for packing, compost, reduce our energy needs by turning off lights and appliances when not really required. We pay the carbon credits on our New Zealand manufactured frames.

BUT what else can we do? -This will be on the agenda for our next staff meeting.

As a start we can all listen to and join the TED 10.10.20 COUNTDOWN a major global campaign to cut greenhouse gas emissions. TED has partnered with scientists, policy makers, organizations, activists and more to create an initiative that everyone in the world can be part of. Learn more here.

Watch the ‘How we can turn the tide on climate’ Ted Talk here.