Moving On – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We recently closed our bookbinding factory and moved our warehouse and our Australian production to 2 new locations.

The Bad – having to get rid of every single item in a business that had spanned 40 years, even though we had only owned it for four. We tried very hard to give away and recycle what we did not need going forward- what a heavy dirty and sole destroying task. So much stuff and so much not relevant any more.

The Ugly – factories gather a lot of dust, moving trucks do not turn up on time, our product production still had to go on no matter what, components got lost, forklifts ran out of battery, boxes were heavy, items you thought were lost, were found. A new tenant was keen to get into the space and everything took longer and was so much heavier than we had anticipated. Lots of sleepless nights with the next days project management front of mind. Just horrible.

The Good – our staff, friends, family and our new colleagues were so helpful & thoughtful. We certainly had a clean-up, sorted products, have an accurate inventory, new and faster systems, this challenged our thinking on every level- mind you it is hard to think in the midst of organised chaos. We now have new collaborators to work with. Our focus is to be open to new and different opportunities. We don’t really recommend such a brutal change, but it certainly makes you look at the past and focus on the future. Silver linings can be found if you look for them! This is our challenge for 2019.