Materials & Applications

At Corban & Blair, we believe products that are thoughtfully designed tell stories to add meaning and significance beyond their primary purpose as marketing tools or gifts.

Corban & Blair have been working with the same suppliers for over a decade. They are our trusted partners who share the same environmentally and ecologically friendly ethos that we do.

Australian Suppliers

Working together with Australian manufactures to produce our folders, boxes, menus and other custom made items.

NZ Suppliers

Our frame manufacturer is located in New Zealand and is owned by Gillian’s brother. He has been providing us with plantation grown timber frames for over 25 years. Corban & Blair pay the carbon credits on these frames.

Oversea Suppliers

Other than our Sydney and New Zealand manufacturer, work with several overseas workrooms. They are certified by international manufacturing standards and are proud to provide local jobs by making Corban & Blair products.

Materials – Leather

Corban & Blair are known for beautiful leather goods. We have extensive knowledge in leather manufacturing, and are able to recommend the best materials to use.


Genuine Leather Hide

Genuine leather hide refers to hides that have not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections, leaving natural marks on the surface of the hide. Genuine leather is used in high-end leather products. At Corban & Blair we use both Australian and overseas leather suppliers. Genuine leather hides come in various finishes from full grain to smooth. This leather type is the most expensive.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print

Split Leather

Spilt leather is leather that is separated from the top-grain leather and textured with leather grain on the surface. Split leather is a great alternative to full-grain leather to achieve a leather item for less cost. Available in various colours and finishes and looks wonderful with a debossed pattern or logo.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using natural ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree barks, leaves and fruit. This soft textured leather has a unique light natural colour that will deepen as the leather reacts to light and the natural oil of the skin.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print


Bonded Leather / Recycled Leather

Bonded leather is material composed of 90% to 100% leather fibres, using off-cuts from leather tanneries or factories and bonded together with latex binders to create a look and feel similar to that of genuine leather. It is very durable and available in many colours.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print


PU Leather / Leather Look

PU leather is a synthetic product consisting of one or more layers of Polyurathane applied to a woven or non-woven textile. The surface is completely coated making it easier to clean and maintain. Logos deboss well on PU leather.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print

Book Cloth & Other Materials for Book Binding


Book Cloth

Book cloth is made for binding onto board to make menus, books, boxes and folders. It is a fabric with a paper backing available in many different qualities, colours and textures.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print


Buckram is a traditional, heavyweight book cloth that is exceptionally durable, mildew resistant and water resistant. Perfect for books that undergo heavy-duty wear and tear such as menus, archive documents and portfolios. Available in matte, gloss, linen, and metallic finishes in a variety of colours.


Record is a unique organic-looking book cloth with a linen-like texture made from 100% cotton. The natural linen-look is soft to touch and makes it an excellent choice for portfolios and room compendia.


Book Paper

Used for binding and packaging book paper is a less expensive alternative to book cloth although it is not as durable. Available in various colours and textured finishes.

Logo application: debossing, foil print, screen print, offset print


Wibalin is a type of book paper. It is a durable covering material with the texture of book cloth and is a suitable material for binders, folders, boxes, packaging and variety of applications. It is also recyclable and available in a number of colours.

Digital Print

Book paper can be digitally printed and covered with a celloglazed finish. Celloglazing adds durability and depth to the colour of print.


Bonded Leather for Book Binding

Cromwell bonded leathers are soft and smooth with a true leather aroma. Available in various colours and textured finishes and suitable for journals or menus.

Logo application: debossing, foil print


Wood / Veneer

Wood can be engraved or printed to add further dimension to a product. For organic materials such as wood, laser engraving burns the surface of the material, creating a branding iron effect in 3D.

Logo application: engraving, digital print


Metal – Brushed Aluminium

Metal can be screen printed and engraved. Laser etching allows for precision, a very clean edge and fine details.

Logo application: engraving – laser & diamond, screen print

Applications Available

At Corban & Blair, we use a range of produce techniques to create our exclusive products. Branding details, such as logo application, can be approached in highly creative ways through the use of debossing, embossing or screen printing, to create products specifically designed for your brand.



Debossing is a process where a metal block with a logo or pattern is pressed down into the surface of the material. Debossing can be applied to leather, book cloth and book paper.

Blind Block

Blind blocking is a debosss without foil print or colour. The logo or image is stamped into material so that the graphic sits below the surface.


Foil Blocking

Foil Blocking or stamping is a process where metallic or coloured foil is applied to a surface using heated die, making the foil permanently adhere to the surface. Foils come in a wide selection colours including traditional gold, silver, black and white. For best results brand identity and material will need to be considered when choosing a foil colour.


A block is a reusable engraved or etched metal plate of a logo, image or graphic. A block is used for debossing and embossing logos onto material.


Digital Printing / Screen Printing

With the advance of printing technology, prints can be applied to a variety of materials such as textiles, leather, wood, glass, metal and plastics. We work with local printing companies and can advise the most suitable application.


Celloglazing is a clear coating applied to the surface of a print. The process adds depth to colours, produces a luxurious look to the over-all product and is more robust.


Engraving – Laser & Diamond

Engraving is a process of directly carving a design onto a hard flat surface by cutting grooves into the material. YAG laser engraving allows precision, a very clean edge and fine intricate details for artwork. Diamond engraving carves a design or logo into a metal surface. Aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper, plastics, wood and leather, can be engraved.



The embossed pattern is also made from a metal block. The logo or design is raised against the background and used mainly on paper and thin board.

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