Handmade Genuine leather and felt journal

Client: PWC

This journal was handmade from genuine leather offcuts and Australian and New Zealand wool felt. Together with PWC, we came up with an idea to create a product that was environmentally friendly and meaningful to the receiver. 

The corporate tag line was blind debossed on the front of the journal cover. The journal was designed and handmade by the Corban & Blair team. The internal notebook was made from reclaimed office stationery and assembled by a social enterprise Green Collect. The Pen is made from mineral-rich material which reduces the amount of plastic in every casting by a sustainable 60%.

This product shows our passion for creating meaningful products that are valued, useful, desirable and environmentally friendly.

  • Material: Genuine leather, Australian and New Zealand wool felt, reclaimed office stationery
  • Application: Blind blocked logo

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