Customer Relationship Case Study

Corban & Blair a female owned business founded in 1988, started as a niche Australian designer stationery business offering handmade journals and albums. We continue to evolve creating new products and styles in an array of materials manufactured in Australia, New Zealand and China.

We have established relationships with key clients who take supplier engagement with women seriously. Westpac is an excellent example. Corban & Blair moved its business to Westpac as a result of Helen Lynch being appointed to the Westpac board and Westpac’s focus supporting women owned businesses.

Westpac Women’s Markets (The Ruby Connection) organised events for WOBs, including lunches and seminars, which provided women with an opportunity to meet others in business. These events were carefully organised including being seated next to other women who might offer new opportunities.

Through this network, Corban & Blair was introduced to the Westpac Supplier Inclusion & Diversity team who continue to facilitate introductions to potential customers within Westpac. Corban & Blair has attended Westpac internal events which showcased its suppliers and customers to Westpac staff. This also provided opportunities to connect with other suppliers and has led to important collaborations including Studio A, a social enterprise, Lucy Simpson, an Indigenous artist, and Green Collect, a social enterprise, all female run organisations.

A key outcome is making new relationships that are relevant and positive, with opportunities for all.