Our Collaborations
Partnerships designed to celebrate our cultural heritage

Meet the collaborators

We collaborate with others because it is fun and inspires new ideas. Between us we create unique items with meaning and narratives that inform. Collaborations also offer opportunities into the market for other designers and artists.


Lucy Simpson

Lucy Simpson is a Yuwaalaraay woman (northwest New South Wales), founder of design studio Gaawaa Miyay (2009), is a process led graphic designer / textile artist and maker specialising in visual narrative, installation art, textile and conceptual design.

Corban & Blair have worked collaboratively with Lucy Simpson over the past 4 years. Together we have created meaningful products including framed prints, travel accessories and journals. As Lucy’s practice evolves so does ours, responding to our experiences and story.


Thomas Avery

Thomas is a descendant of the Kamilaroi tribe Northern NSW. His tribal totem is the Eagle. Thomas’s ancestors were born at Bohena Creek Aboriginal Reserve Narrabri. Thomas is a painter, designer and filmmaker using his unique insights to communicate his culture.


Studio A Artists

Studio A is a supported studio based in Sydney Australia that tackles the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists. The enterprise paves professional pathways for such artists so that they can achieve their artistic and economic aspirations.



Euraba Artists and Papermakers are a group of Northern NSW indigenous artists situated in the border town of Boggabilla specialising in handmade paper art. Working with and producing their own 100% cotton paper, they have adopted traditional European papermaking methods and made them their own with their contemporary indigenous sensibilities.


Cheryl Moggs

Cheryl Moggs is an emerging Aboriginal artist, educator and leader in culturally grounded artistic development. She was born and lives on her traditional country in Goondiwindi, Queensland. She is a Bigambul descendant, a self-taught artist influenced by challenging western culture ideologies, mapping culture and place, constructing identities and connections.

Corban & Blair first collaborated with Cheryl Moggs in 2008 creating the Bush Tucker journal.


Deborah Newenham

Deborah Newenham is a self-taught Aboriginal artist born in Fremantle, Western Australia. Her colourful paintings and bright designs shimmer with the energy of the bush. Deborah’s inspiration comes from living creatures, birds and animals telling stories about our connection with nature and life under the sea.

Deborah’s traditional yet contemporary style reflects her journey and the importance of family and community in the modern world.


Elliot Mason

Elliot Mason is a New Zealand artist who calls his artwork a stylized representation of the natural world. He uses rhythmic, organic and geometric forms that are broken down into simple motifs. These can be turned into patterns, replicated and then contoured over blended gradients that represent land, waves, clouds and living beings. He creates patterns that represent the environment they portray, stretched and repeated like fractals multiplying into the distance to create perspective and depth.


Fiona Roderick

Fiona is a printmaker who creates wall prints using her lino print proofs and collaging them into bird prints, using wood, paint and paper. Natural themes are important to her work as they literally carve out the essence of landscape, flora and fauna. Her bird series embodies exquisite colour and texture combined with a strong lineal quality. Her inspiration derives from the organic forms evident in nature and the urban environment around her home in Sydney’s inner west and Sydney Harbour.


Red Room Poetry

Red Room Poetry is Australia’s leading organisation for the commissioning and creation of new poetry by established and emerging poets as well as students.

The poetic projects and learning programs are created in collaboration with a spectrum of poets, communities, schools and partners for positive impact.

They aim to make poetry highly visible, vibrant, relevant and accessible, especially to those who face the greatest barriers to creative opportunities.



IdeaSpies is a platform to encourage people to share new and innovative ideas to inspire action.

The idea for this idea-sharing platform was born on a trip to Canada in 2015 when a guide said “Promote what you love, rather than bash what you hate”. There are now over 2,000 ideas, happening now, posted on IdeaSpies.

You can easily search the ideas by category and word, share and rate them. The platform shows the most popular as well as the most recent ideas. All ideas on IdeaSpies are explained simply so they can be understood easily. When you join the IdeaSpies Community you can also comment and add ideas as well as receive IdeaSpies Weekly.

Gillian Corban, co-founder of Corban & Blair is the Artistic Editor at IdeaSpies. Sharing new and innovative ideas weekly. Read the Artistic posts here.