Celebrating local women we admire in 2019

WHY – they are brave, inventive, intuitive, courageous, creative, responsible, clever and do more than just run their businesses, or art practise. They care for family and also contribute to the broader community sharing their connections, time, resources and experience.

Their leadership qualities:
The ability to listen
Honesty & integrity
Risk taking
Positive attitude
They are all life-long learners
*A list of attributes applied to leaders who are admired by others, especially by women.


BOBBI MAHLAB is an entrepreneur who established Mahlab, a content marketing company. Her latest project Mentor Walks, is a non-for profit with cofounder Adina Jacobs. Making mentoring accessible, helping people with their career questions and combining it with what women do so naturally – talking while walking. These now operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong, Brisbane and growing. mentorwalks.com.au

JANE COCKBURN is a big picture thinker and believes that great ideas and successful organisations are based in empathy and partnerships with customers. This is achieved by building Design Thinking mindsets within the culture of those organisations – reframing problems, creative empowerment, experimentation, curiosity and inquiry. Such organisations are not afraid to create futures for their customers by asking Why and What If. kairosnow.com.au

CAROLYN LOTON is an experienced marketing specialist and the founder of Juntos where she works with medium sized organisations within the professional services, consumer goods, health and aged care sectors. Carolyn is admired for her ideas, empathy and ability to deliver what is required. juntos.com.au

HELEN WYATT once a teacher, school principal and senior education director in the NSW Department of Education, is now small object jewellery designer focused on objects with a narrative dimension primarily formed in metal and timber. Her work has been exhibited in Sydney, Brisbane and internationally in the Contemporary Jewellery Exchange and online for Ethical Metalsmiths. Helen is currently completing a research Masters Degree at Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.