Artist Focus – Cheryl Moggs, Founder Cre8tive Mix

Corban & Blair first met Cheryl when she was managing the Euraba Artist and Papermakers Co-Op in Boggabilla. Her interest in bush tucker led us to create a journal with images and story about what bush tucker means to Aboriginal people. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and created Cre8tive Mix. She was born and lives on her traditional country in Goondiwindi, Queensland, and spent her younger years living on the Toomelah Reserve as a fringe dweller. She is a Bigambul descendant. A self-taught artist influenced by challenging western culture ideologies, mapping culture and place, constructing identities and connections.

Her career and artistic practice is interdisciplinary, in painting, photography textiles, design, drawing and printmaking. With a 16 year span of teaching in the natural resource management, Indigenous visual arts and culture disciplines unpacking and exploring historical events, family origins, connections, identity and place.

Cheryl is no stranger to understanding or experiencing the ramifications of cultural loss. Coming from a rural county town with a history of removal and protection of her people she is passionate about reclaiming, reconnecting to culture and country. Her belief is without cultural identity we are empty vessels: A reflection on Mother Earth without spirit or place. Her art is grounded in constructing her cultural identity.

Corban & Blair want to share Cheryl’s story so people can understand the implications of cultural loss for Aboriginal people.