An Intelligent Response to Bush Fires

“The four guiding principles are humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. The humanity principle means that everyone shall be treated humanely and equally. The neutrality principle means support must be given in an impartial and independent manner. The impartiality principle speaks to the concept of non-discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religion, political opinion or class. Critically, this principle provides that support must be based on need – not for example on donor-led assumptions or political calculations. And finally, the independence principle means maintaining autonomy from political, economic, military or other calculations and acting in accordance with humanitarian principles.”

Audette Exel AO is founder of the Adara Group and the winner of the 2012 NSW Telstra businesswoman of the year award. Audette was named Australia’s 2016 leading philanthropist by Philanthropy Australia.

Extract from The Guardian – Original article found here

Photograph: Brett Hemmings/Getty Images